Why Would You Need a Dual – Voltage Curling Iron?

When you travel abroad, you are going to want to maintain the same look regardless of where you are – you will not suddenly wish to revert to your straight-haired state just because you are in Paris, Moscow, Nairobi, or Caracas. You might think that your regular ceramic curling iron will be all you need to bring – with a plug adapter for the European-style plug, of course, since power cords from the United States will not fit directly into European sockets. However, it is a good idea to bring a curling iron that you might not consider using in the U.S.A. – a dual-voltage curling iron that can handle several levels of voltage. The same is true in reverse […]

Use a Ceramic Curling Iron to Save Your Hair

However, you should pick your curling iron or curling irons carefully – because some kinds of these implements can damage your hair, especially if it is soft or if the individual hairs are thin, both of which conditions will make your hair sensitive to heat. Any kind of irregularity in the heating – different levels of heat in various parts of the barrel’s surface (the barrel being the part of the curling iron you wrap your hair around), too much heat flow for even a few seconds, and so on – can cause damage to your hair. Since your hair is a valued part of your appearance, you don’t want to risk making it look scorched or otherwise damaged – […]

Travel Curling Irons

However, traveling is also likely to be one of the times when you want to look your best. Many people are going to see you during your travels, and you want to arrive at your destination with your curls glossy, elastic, and flowing freely, catching the notice and admiration of the people who meet you there, whether they are business associates, friends, or members of your family. So, if you are likely to be doing a lot of traveling – or are planning even just one big trip – you may want to seriously consider buying a travel curling iron to let you curl and touch up your hair anywhere on the globe. When you in the process of picking […]

Three Hot Short Hairstyles

Who says short hair can’t be sexy? No one here, that’s for sure. For those that dare to wear short hairstyles we salute you and give you three of the trendiest short hairstyles right now. Rhianna’s Dicey Crop Good God in heaven but this short hairstyle rocks. The front layers of this hairstyle are made super long and wispy via some serious razor cutting. The bangs are made deliberately uneven in length to ensure a choppy look. As the style travels back to the crown it shrinks in length until there’s just enough for some spiky volume right where you need it. As contrast, the back of Rhianna’s short hairstyle is tapered down to brush cut proportions, which totally works […]

The Best Curling Iron is A Great GIft for Her

If you’re looking for a truly outstanding gift, the best curling iron to seek is a ceramic curling iron. These irons heat evenly, keeping hair safe and glossy, and preventing damage – and the last thing you want is for your gift to cause dull spots or split hairs to mar her sexy coiffure. The barrel is made of ceramic, which transmits heat in a smooth fashion, ensuring that the iron works well and keeps her hair safe and unblemished.

Solia Flat Iron Review

It doesn’t take long to see there are numerous ceramic hair straighteners available on the market today. Not only that, but they come with all sorts of different features. So what’s the best flat iron you can buy? Where do you start? Take a look below at the Tyme iron review. We will dig deep to provide information so, you can decide if the Tyme tourmaline flat iron is the right straightener for you.

Remington S2044 Review

This Remington S2044 review is just one of many reviews on ceramic hair straighteners. When purchasing a ceramic iron you have to take into consideration several factors such as what plate size you need, temperature, plate types and of course your hair type and style. Remington is quickly becoming a popular brand for what most consider to be an essential tool for your hair. In the past, pricey professional hair straighteners were just about the only way to get the sleek, shiny hair that everyone desires. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hair to look like you just went to the salon. Remington S2044 Features The ceramic fiber covered plates decrease splitting and damage to […]

Look Cute with Crazy Curls

However, one of the most dramatic, fun, and easy ways to freshen up your look is to give your straight or slightly wavy hair a strong wave, or make it curly. Whether you opt for casual ripples of gleaming hair that sweep lightly over your shoulders or tight masses of curls, loose ringlets that seem light, flirty, and playfully elegant, or strong waves that give your hair a glamorous look, there is no doubt that using a curling iron and a little imagination can bring some zest to your appearance and make you feel as stunning as an actress or celebrity. Depending on how you do them, and the way you arrange your hair, curls can make you look cute […]

Layered Hair Cuts: Why You Need One

For the longest time, anyone with long hair wore it one length like an ode to the seventies. Well, that fad has gone the way of the tie-dyed shirt and now layers are making a comeback big time. Today’s hairstyles are all about movement and styling options. Long, one length hair is just so-boring! Layered haircuts allow you to create volume, play with different directions and combine lengths to create hairstyles that are interesting to the eye. Even Short Hair Needs Layers Layers are popping up in practically every hairstyle today. Even the once rigid bob hairstyle with its blunt lines is getting a makeover into a softer style thanks to layering at the ends. This creates a tapered look […]

How to Choose the Right Ceramic Curling Iron

Different kinds of hair respond in a different fashion from being heated by a curling iron. You should take a good look at your hair, if you haven’t already thought about this, and see whether, in comparison to other people, it is at the softer or the harder end of hair texture, and also whether the individual hairs are slender and fine, or thick and tough. Soft hair and fine hair are both more sensitive to heat than is thick or hard hair. If you have soft hair, you need a curling iron with lower temperature settings – in fact, higher settings may be unnecessary, since these would tend to scorch your hair and make it duller, or cause the […]

Hairstyle of the Day: Eva Mendes

Our hairstyle to cover today is from the always sexy Eva Mendes. This updo would make a fabulously sexy prom hairstyle. The large, side-swept bang lends an air of glamour to what could have been a run of the mill updo. While we can’t see the back of this prom hairstyle I’m going to place bets it’s probably a version of the very popular chignon that tons of celebrities are sporting on the red carpet these days. To create this style yourself set your hair on large hot or Velcro rollers to give your hair some body. When your hair is set brush out the waves and lightly backcomb your roots to pump up the volume. Now section off a […]

Hair Color Tips for Blondes

Do blondes have more fun? Not if their hair color goes funky on them! Keeping your blonde hair color looking fresh and fab can be tricky. Today I’ve scoured the blogosphere and found some great hair blogs with solid advice for blondes. So in the spirit of some “link love”, here are some tips to ensure your blonde doesn’t turn into a bomb. Beware the Brass One of the biggest problems with blonde is its tendency to go brassy. To avoid this hair color disaster there are specialty shampoos with a violet color added which neutralizes those nasty “goldy” hues. But while surfing the beauty web I came across this awesome tip for making your own violet shampoo and saving […]

Farouk CHI Ceramic Flat Iron Review

The Farouk CHI ceramic flat iron will leave your hair with a “just stepped out of the salon” look. It’s a styling tool that is versatile so you can straighten, curl or flip your hair while leaving it silky smooth. Although this iron may not have a perfect star rating from customers who have used it, its satisfactory performance is more than enough to make it to the top in the field of hair styling tools. Farouk CHI Ceramic Flat Iron Features The CHI flat iron features a comfortable design with a swivel cord that allows you to straighten your hair from any angle. The iron heats up in approximately 10 seconds with the flash quick heating technology. Designed to […]

Curlin Iron Holder

Although curling irons are a great way to pep up plain, straight hair, and can totally change your look from ordinary to fabulous in a matter of half an hour or an hour, the way they operate – by heating up a barrel of metal or ceramic around which your hair is wound – means that you also have a very hot object close to your fingers and those of anyone else who happens to be sharing the space you live in. Depending on how much heat you need to curl your hair – with softer, finer hair needing less heat (and, indeed, being likely to be damaged – frizzed, burned, or dulled – by too high a temperature) – […]

Cordless Curling Iron

Wrapping your hair around the curling irons barrel, you can hold it there for different periods of time at different levels of heat to give anything from a gentle, rippling wave to a series of large, looping curls that will get you plenty of attention, plenty of compliments, and make you feel like an actress from a major movie set or a celebrity – hot, striking, and beautiful. A good cordless curling iron has some real benefits that appeal to many people who like to wave or curl their hair, and that you might find useful, too. This type of curling iron, obviously, doesn’t have a cord – and since curling irons are used with a twisting, winding motion to […]

Ceramic Curling Iron Shopping – Top Picks

Conair CD63R MiniPRO 1 This amazing little ceramic curling iron manages to pack a lot of punch into a small package. Not only does it provide as much heat as much larger curling irons, but, it also features ceramic technology to help heat your hair evenly and avoid hot spots. In addition, the fact that this compact ceramic curling iron is dual voltage makes it a fantastic travel companion for any woman on the go. These factors, combined with the very reasonable price for this device have made it one of the most popular on the market. Conair Cd117 Infiniti Pro By Conair This fantastic ceramic curling iron is packed with technology to help you create amazing curls. For example, […]

Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week

OK: a little while back I said I was going to start posting a celebrity hairstyle of the day from Instyle’s Look of the Day. Well, I soon realized that not all the celebrity hairstyles were worthy of your time. I mean there are only so many times I can tell you how to create a ponytail. So I’ve changed it up a bit to Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week. Each Friday I’ll pick the best hairstyle from Instyle’s offerings of the week and focus on that one. Sound fair? Well then-let’s get started! This week’s winner is Penelope Cruz’s sexy long layered hairstyle. Penelope Cruz’s hairstyle is uncomplicated but oh-so-sexy. To create this celebrity hairstyle use a texturizing lotion […]

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Review

When you spend the time and money to have your hair done by a professional, it’s frustrating to go home and not have it look like it did when you walked out of the salon. When you style your hair it is important to not only have the right styling products but, the proper styling tools for your hair. The ultra-thin profile of the high-tech BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium flat iron makes it exceptionally lightweight and easy to work with. The extra-long 5″ plates reach up to 450°F and allow for wider sections to be straightened, boosting speed, effectiveness and increasing styling flexibility.