OK: a little while back I said I was going to start posting a celebrity hairstyle of the day from Instyle’s Look of the Day. Well, I soon realized that not all the celebrity hairstyles were worthy of your time. I mean there are only so many times I can tell you how to create a ponytail. So I’ve changed it up a bit to Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week. Each Friday I’ll pick the best hairstyle from Instyle’s offerings of the week and focus on that one. Sound fair? Well then-let’s get started!

This week’s winner is Penelope Cruz’s sexy long layered hairstyle.

Penelope Cruz’s hairstyle is uncomplicated but oh-so-sexy. To create this celebrity hairstyle use a texturizing lotion to give lightweight hold, body and shine to the hair. Apply the product to damp hair and section off the hair into manageable sections pin up the top layers. Use a large paddle brush to blow dry the sections of hair, pointing the nozzle of your blow dryer at a downward angle to prevent flyaway hair. You’ll also want to give your roots a shot from underneath while you hold the sections of hair up and out from the head to promote volume.

Create a middle part when you get to the top layer and don’t forget to create some extra volume at the crown area by blow drying up and back. Once your hair is completely dry coat your hands with a little lightweight styling wax and further define those bottom layers. A light misting of hairspray sets this sexy celebrity hairstyle.

* As a side note-pay close attention to Penelope Cruz’s highlights. Note how they are light enough to be noticeable but don’t look like streaks of lighter color-that’s what you should be aiming for in the highlight department. Enhance-don’t overwhelm your base color.