Why Would You Need a Dual – Voltage Curling Iron?

When you travel abroad, you are going to want to maintain the same look regardless of where you are – you will not suddenly wish to revert to your straight-haired state just because you are in Paris, Moscow, Nairobi, or Caracas. You might think that your regular ceramic curling iron will be all you need to bring – with a plug adapter for the European-style plug, of course, since power cords from the United States will not fit directly into European sockets. However, it is a good idea to bring a curling iron that you might not consider using in the U.S.A. – a dual-voltage curling iron that can handle several levels of voltage. The same is true in reverse […]

Travel Curling Irons

However, traveling is also likely to be one of the times when you want to look your best. Many people are going to see you during your travels, and you want to arrive at your destination with your curls glossy, elastic, and flowing freely, catching the notice and admiration of the people who meet you there, whether they are business associates, friends, or members of your family. So, if you are likely to be doing a lot of traveling – or are planning even just one big trip – you may want to seriously consider buying a travel curling iron to let you curl and touch up your hair anywhere on the globe. When you in the process of picking […]

The Best Curling Iron is A Great GIft for Her

If you’re looking for a truly outstanding gift, the best curling iron to seek is a ceramic curling iron. These irons heat evenly, keeping hair safe and glossy, and preventing damage – and the last thing you want is for your gift to cause dull spots or split hairs to mar her sexy coiffure. The barrel is made of ceramic, which transmits heat in a smooth fashion, ensuring that the iron works well and keeps her hair safe and unblemished.

How to Choose the Right Ceramic Curling Iron

Different kinds of hair respond in a different fashion from being heated by a curling iron. You should take a good look at your hair, if you haven’t already thought about this, and see whether, in comparison to other people, it is at the softer or the harder end of hair texture, and also whether the individual hairs are slender and fine, or thick and tough. Soft hair and fine hair are both more sensitive to heat than is thick or hard hair. If you have soft hair, you need a curling iron with lower temperature settings – in fact, higher settings may be unnecessary, since these would tend to scorch your hair and make it duller, or cause the […]

Curlin Iron Holder

Although curling irons are a great way to pep up plain, straight hair, and can totally change your look from ordinary to fabulous in a matter of half an hour or an hour, the way they operate – by heating up a barrel of metal or ceramic around which your hair is wound – means that you also have a very hot object close to your fingers and those of anyone else who happens to be sharing the space you live in. Depending on how much heat you need to curl your hair – with softer, finer hair needing less heat (and, indeed, being likely to be damaged – frizzed, burned, or dulled – by too high a temperature) – […]

Cordless Curling Iron

Wrapping your hair around the curling irons barrel, you can hold it there for different periods of time at different levels of heat to give anything from a gentle, rippling wave to a series of large, looping curls that will get you plenty of attention, plenty of compliments, and make you feel like an actress from a major movie set or a celebrity – hot, striking, and beautiful. A good cordless curling iron has some real benefits that appeal to many people who like to wave or curl their hair, and that you might find useful, too. This type of curling iron, obviously, doesn’t have a cord – and since curling irons are used with a twisting, winding motion to […]

Ceramic Curling Iron Shopping – Top Picks

Conair CD63R MiniPRO 1 This amazing little ceramic curling iron manages to pack a lot of punch into a small package. Not only does it provide as much heat as much larger curling irons, but, it also features ceramic technology to help heat your hair evenly and avoid hot spots. In addition, the fact that this compact ceramic curling iron is dual voltage makes it a fantastic travel companion for any woman on the go. These factors, combined with the very reasonable price for this device have made it one of the most popular on the market. Conair Cd117 Infiniti Pro By Conair This fantastic ceramic curling iron is packed with technology to help you create amazing curls. For example, […]