Do blondes have more fun? Not if their hair color goes funky on them! Keeping your blonde hair color looking fresh and fab can be tricky. Today I’ve scoured the blogosphere and found some great hair blogs with solid advice for blondes. So in the spirit of some “link love”, here are some tips to ensure your blonde doesn’t turn into a bomb.

Beware the Brass

One of the biggest problems with blonde is its tendency to go brassy. To avoid this hair color disaster there are specialty shampoos with a violet color added which neutralizes those nasty “goldy” hues.

But while surfing the beauty web I came across this awesome tip for making your own violet shampoo and saving yourself some cash.

Keep on Top of Your Hair Color

I found a blog entry that tackles a question I’ve wondered about for years. Why is it you see SO many bad blondes out there? No, I don’t mean Heather Mills dumping water on another lawyer – I mean all those God-awful blonde colors that are so obviously too light.

This strange phenomenon is likely due to “too much of a good thing”. We don’t keep tabs on our hair color and before we know it we’ve traded buttery blonde for bleached-out blah.

Protect Your Tresses

While this last piece of advice is applicable to all hair colors (and hair without color, for that matter) it goes double for anyone who has double processed blonde. These days professional grade blow dryers and flat irons are available to the public. This is great for getting salon-like hairstyles but what many people don’t realize is that these styling tools are hotter and can cause damage more easily than those drugstore alternatives.

If you use high powered styling tools you MUST use a thermal protector before styling. Any hair type can easily get dried out and damaged if not protected from all that heat but if you bleach your hair it’s already been through some “tough love” in order to look good. So pamper it.

While reading hair trends for spring I found that there’s a discrepancy in the area of highlights. Some stylists say they’re still hot while others say sticking with one rich hair color is the way to go. What do you think? To highlight or not to highlight? That is they hairstyle question I pose to you today. Leave your thoughts in the comments.