Anyone with curly or wavy hair knows that blow drying and flat ironing alone does not a straight hairstyle make. In order to really style those waves into silky submission, you need the right type of hair product. As someone with wavy hair, I’ve tried many a product in an effort to find one that straightens my hair without making it feel like sludge.

Today I’m reviewing AG’s Set It Straight – liquid hair straightening products. What I love about this product is its lightweight feel. Some smoothing balms are of a creamier consistency and feel much to heavy in the hair. While that type of hair straightening product is OK for really coarse, frizzy hair those with fine hair will find it too overwhelming.

The AG Set it straight did an awesome job of smoothing my hair while I blow dried and my hair was very silky and smooth afterward. I only needed to touch up the ends with my flat iron (saving me time and stress on my hair) and I still managed a great deal of volume with little effort.

Who This Product is Meant For: Those with fine curly/wavy hair will absolutely love AG’s Set It Straight for it’s ability to straighten your hair while not feeling heavy or greasy. I’d even recommend this for those with thicker hair and have them combine this with a little extra helping of an anti-frizz serum mixed in. Anyone looking for a smooth style AND volume should definitely give this one a try.

You can find it at many professional salons or go to AG’s Website to find a location near you that stocks this awesome hair product.