Three Hot Short Hairstyles

Who says short hair can’t be sexy? No one here, that’s for sure. For those that dare to wear short hairstyles we salute you and give you three of the trendiest short hairstyles right now. Rhianna’s Dicey Crop Good God in heaven but this short hairstyle rocks. The front layers of this hairstyle are made super long and wispy via some serious razor cutting. The bangs are made deliberately uneven in length to ensure a choppy look. As the style travels back to the crown it shrinks in length until there’s just enough for some spiky volume right where you need it. As contrast, the back of Rhianna’s short hairstyle is tapered down to brush cut proportions, which totally works […]

Look Cute with Crazy Curls

However, one of the most dramatic, fun, and easy ways to freshen up your look is to give your straight or slightly wavy hair a strong wave, or make it curly. Whether you opt for casual ripples of gleaming hair that sweep lightly over your shoulders or tight masses of curls, loose ringlets that seem light, flirty, and playfully elegant, or strong waves that give your hair a glamorous look, there is no doubt that using a curling iron and a little imagination can bring some zest to your appearance and make you feel as stunning as an actress or celebrity. Depending on how you do them, and the way you arrange your hair, curls can make you look cute […]

Hairstyle of the Day: Eva Mendes

Our hairstyle to cover today is from the always sexy Eva Mendes. This updo would make a fabulously sexy prom hairstyle. The large, side-swept bang lends an air of glamour to what could have been a run of the mill updo. While we can’t see the back of this prom hairstyle I’m going to place bets it’s probably a version of the very popular chignon that tons of celebrities are sporting on the red carpet these days. To create this style yourself set your hair on large hot or Velcro rollers to give your hair some body. When your hair is set brush out the waves and lightly backcomb your roots to pump up the volume. Now section off a […]

Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week

OK: a little while back I said I was going to start posting a celebrity hairstyle of the day from Instyle’s Look of the Day. Well, I soon realized that not all the celebrity hairstyles were worthy of your time. I mean there are only so many times I can tell you how to create a ponytail. So I’ve changed it up a bit to Celebrity Hairstyle of the Week. Each Friday I’ll pick the best hairstyle from Instyle’s offerings of the week and focus on that one. Sound fair? Well then-let’s get started! This week’s winner is Penelope Cruz’s sexy long layered hairstyle. Penelope Cruz’s hairstyle is uncomplicated but oh-so-sexy. To create this celebrity hairstyle use a texturizing lotion […]