Different kinds of hair respond in a different fashion from being heated by a curling iron. You should take a good look at your hair, if you haven’t already thought about this, and see whether, in comparison to other people, it is at the softer or the harder end of hair texture, and also whether the individual hairs are slender and fine, or thick and tough. Soft hair and fine hair are both more sensitive to heat than is thick or hard hair.

If you have soft hair, you need a curling iron with lower temperature settings – in fact, higher settings may be unnecessary, since these would tend to scorch your hair and make it duller, or cause the ends to split. If you have hard or thick hair, you need a curling iron with plenty of heat, since the waves and curls produced by lower heat settings will tend to be flabby and will soon lose shape and straighten out again.

The length of your hair is another thing to consider when you are choosing your ceramic curling iron. One with a slim barrel around which to wrap your hair will produce small waves or curls – including, possibly, very tight curls if you handle your hairstyling in that way. An implement with a large barrel (and there are some with barrels up to 2” in diameter) will make big, dramatic curls.

Think carefully about the look you want to project, and then compare that to your hair’s length. If you have hair on the short side, smaller waves or curls may look better – at the very least, you will have more room for them. On the other hand, if you have long hair, curling it into thousands of tiny, tight curls may be a long and frustrating labor, and might not be the look you want – in this case, a big barrel will give you large, elastic curls that make the most of your long tresses.

Finally, you should think about what kind of curling iron is likely to give you the look you want. Consider the temperature of the iron and the barrel diameter in terms of how you want your appearance to end up. Higher temperatures give firmer, crisper waves or curls, while lower ones produce softer and more gentle-looking hair shapes. You might need several different curling irons to get the exact look you’re trying for – and it may be fun to experiment with different sizes of wave and curl as well.

Besides all of these hair-related parts of choosing the right ceramic curling iron, you also need to consider the price – how much can you afford? – brand – does this brand have a good reputation for effective, durable irons? – and such factors. Fortunately, in the age of the Internet, you can probably get any iron you want and can afford easily, rather than being forced to choose from what’s available locally. But there are many aspects to picking the curling iron that’s right for you, and none of them should be overlooked.