For the longest time, anyone with long hair wore it one length like an ode to the seventies. Well, that fad has gone the way of the tie-dyed shirt and now layers are making a comeback big time.

Today’s hairstyles are all about movement and styling options. Long, one length hair is just so-boring! Layered haircuts allow you to create volume, play with different directions and combine lengths to create hairstyles that are interesting to the eye.

Even Short Hair Needs Layers

Layers are popping up in practically every hairstyle today. Even the once rigid bob hairstyle with its blunt lines is getting a makeover into a softer style thanks to layering at the ends. This creates a tapered look at the ends that better frames the face and allows for playful flips if you’re so inclined.

On the Razor’s Edge

Want the ultimate in layered haircuts? The short to medium length haircut that is layered with a straight razor is the cut for those who want to make a statement. Think styles like Lisa Rinna’s with their wispy and flippy layers that manage to look tousled yet put together all at the same time. These styles are especially fun because when you incorporate different panels of hair color into these layers the effects can range from subtly enhances to surprisingly bold.

Long on Style

If you wear your hair long you definitely need a layered haircut. Having layers cut into the last three to four inches of your hair adds shape and lift to your style. What’s hot right now is to concentrate the layering around the face. Whether you wear your hair all down, half up or all up face-framing layers are what’s in style for accentuating and softening your style.

What to do with that Long Layered Hair Cut

I found a really cool video over at Stylebell blog that shows you how to create beachy waves in your long layered hair. This style is so hot for summer as it mimics that “just came from the beach” casual look without getting sand in your shoes. See it here and then let me know your thoughts on the video.