However, one of the most dramatic, fun, and easy ways to freshen up your look is to give your straight or slightly wavy hair a strong wave, or make it curly. Whether you opt for casual ripples of gleaming hair that sweep lightly over your shoulders or tight masses of curls, loose ringlets that seem light, flirty, and playfully elegant, or strong waves that give your hair a glamorous look, there is no doubt that using a curling iron and a little imagination can bring some zest to your appearance and make you feel as stunning as an actress or celebrity.

Depending on how you do them, and the way you arrange your hair, curls can make you look cute and perky, or can be a crazy and unexpected change to your look that will get people to sit up and take notice. They can also be sexy, and you will almost certainly feel more hot and glamorous when every motion of your head, and every expression of your face, is accented by a rippling swath of beautiful curls. Curls will both make you look and feel different, perking you up both inwardly and outwardly. Using a ceramic curling iron, making all kinds of waves and curls is quick and easy.

The people you know will be impressed by your new, dynamic hairstyle, and you will feel refreshed by the change, too – even electrified when you find a look that unleashes your inner celebrity.

Think of how many actresses make their appearance more exciting, intriguing, and riveting by giving their hair a wave or curl. One of the good things about curly hair is that it looks good when it is slightly disordered, too. A strand of straight hair plastered over your face by the wind just looks untidy. A few careless, glossy curls swept across the brow by the wind look attractive, even striking – a dramatic and artistic statement. Hollywood has known this for many years and has made the most of it. You can too – and, in fact, to complete your free, spontaneous look, you can even sweep a couple of strands of wavy hair out of place yourself, even if there isn’t a breath of wind.

By using different techniques and possibly ceramic curling irons with different-sized barrels (the barrel being the portion of the curling iron which heats, and around which you wrap your hair), you can get many different looks. You can make light or deep waves, small tight curls or large, loose ringlets. You can also arrange the waves or curls to look either orderly or more freeform, depending on how you want to project yourself. If your hair is long enough and you have the time and patience, you can also try putting a different curl in different parts of it – starting with light waves high up on your head and working down to looping ringlets at the ends.

Using a ceramic curling iron to give yourself crazy curls is a great way to perk up your look and make yourself feel glamorous, attractive, and new. Just a few minutes to an hour of work and you’ll be transformed – and make a big impression on everyone you meet.