This Remington S2044 review is just one of many reviews on ceramic hair straighteners. When purchasing a ceramic iron you have to take into consideration several factors such as what plate size you need, temperature, plate types and of course your hair type and style.

Remington is quickly becoming a popular brand for what most consider to be an essential tool for your hair. In the past, pricey professional hair straighteners were just about the only way to get the sleek, shiny hair that everyone desires. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hair to look like you just went to the salon.

Remington S2044 Features

The ceramic fiber covered plates decrease splitting and damage to your hair by 50%. The fiber creates more styling surface than the typical ceramic plates. This allows your hair to move through the heated surface rather than rubbing against the other hair and causing breakage.

  1. Highest grade ceramic plates.
  2. Fiber coated plates for 50% less hair splitting and damage.
  3. Digital high heat 300°F – 430°F; for fast and long-lasting results.
  4. Instant high heat; ready in 30 seconds!
  5. Dual voltage; gives you worldwide use.
  6. High heat temperature boost- boosts heat to the highest level.
  7. On/off switch.
  8. LCD indicator light.
  9. Hinge lock; for compact storage.
  10. Salon-length swivel cord.
  11. Automatic safety shut-off; turns the unit off after one hour.
  12. 4-year warranty.


The Remington S2044 Damage Therapy ceramic hair straightener heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. It features a variable heat control in order to set it to the best temperature for your hair. You will never have to worry about if you remembered to shut it off because it will automatically turn off in 1 hour with its auto-shutoff function.

Temp. Hair Type:

  • 300˚-340˚F  Very fine, fragile, damaged hair;
  • 360˚-390˚F  Normal, easy to straighten hair;
  • 410˚-430˚F  Thick, difficult to straighten hair.

Therapy Collection

Don’t let the affordable price of the Damage Therapy hair straightener fool you into thinking it has less performance than other brands. The Remington Style Therapy collection is a unique hair care system that features conditioning properties that increases hair health and vitality. You will prevent damage to your hair and save time by not having to add extra heat protecting products because the protective benefits are already in the straightener.


If you have fragile or damaged hair, then you know the importance of protecting your hair from the high heat of any styling tool. The S2044 Teflon warming plates allow your hair to move through the plates easily to avoid having to make several passes.

The Damage Therapy hair straightener is constructed with ceramic fabric which can tolerate extreme temperatures, is water-proof as well as chemical resistant, and features a non-stick, low-friction surface area. The ceramic fabric is additionally protected from product build-up, which means this hair straightener works for use with all wet hair care products.

The Damage Therapy Flat Iron has ceramic and tourmaline styling plates covered in this material, which supplies a highly protective barrier between your hair and the heated plates, thus reducing heat damage. The outcome is a much more effective flat iron which decreases damage, slides through your hair, and demands less passes.

Pros & Cons


  1. The S2044 Damage Therapy flat iron is a great iron if you are looking for an iron with “damage control”.
  2. This device has controlled heat settings up to 430 degrees and will heat up within 30 seconds.
  3. Its gentle and doesn’t break your hair as you pass down also avoiding the “burning” smell on your hair.
  4. Leaves any hair type smooth and silky even taking care of your “fly aways”. Overtime users have noticed a difference in the amount of breakage in their hair.
  5. The Teflon allows the hair to glide easily through the plates and the Tourmaline ion emission gives less frizz and more shine.
  6. An added bonus is that it has Worldwide dual voltage, so if you travel you can take it with you. The hinge feature will allow you to easily store it no matter if you’re at home or traveling.


  1. When the iron is heating up it tends to smell hot and the outside plates get hot as well in order to curl your hair.
  2. The placement of the on/off and temperature control buttons are right where it is held and sometimes causing you to switch it up or down or off when using it.