It doesn’t take long to see there are numerous ceramic hair straighteners available on the market today. Not only that, but they come with all sorts of different features. So what’s the best flat iron you can buy? Where do you start? Take a look below at the Tyme iron review. We will dig deep to provide information so, you can decide if the Tyme tourmaline flat iron is the right straightener for you.


The Tyme tourmaline ceramic flat iron is more than just a hair straightener, the lightweight Tyme tourmaline flat iron can create flips, curves (both towards your face and away), and give shape your hair. It’s lightweight and heats up quickly. The iron glides easily and without pulling through both short and long curly hair.

  • ceramic/Tourmaline ion plates give a shinier, silkier result in lesser time;
  • designed to work well with both dry and damp hair;
  • wide enough for short, medium and even long hair, yet narrow enough for bangs;
  • Tyme tourmaline ceramic ion hair straightener features the patented Dynamic Alignment System;
  • 120V 60Hz for use in US/Canada with one-year limited warranty.


The temperature of a flat iron plays an important part in not only how well it will straighten your hair but, how much damage it will or will not cause to your hair. In our opinion, it is best to choose a straightener in which you can adjust the temperature according to your hair type.

The Tyme tourmaline ceramic flat iron features a variable temperature control (140F- 450 F). Because of the wide range of heat settings, this is a ceramic hair straightener that will work well for any type of hair.

The Tyme flat iron is also a great choice if you are looking for an iron that is quick to heat up. Its ceramic heater with autosense technology provides instant even heat.

Although you can adjust the temperature settings to best suit your hair type, it is still important to note that using a thermal protecting product on your hair prior to straightening your hair is highly recommended.

Ceramic/Tourmaline Ion Technology Plates

The Tyme flat iron seals the moisture into your hair and uses the heat to create a silky, fresh out of the salon, look. The Tourmaline-Ceramic plates make your hair softer, shinier, and overall more healthy looking than regular ceramic plates in less time. The ion plates emit up to 6 times more negative ion.

Heating plates wrap around the edge for easy finishing touches. It can be used on damp hair (Not soaking wet) or dry hair. It is available in 3 sizes 1”, 1 ¼” and  1 ¾”. The most popular size is the 1 ¼” plate. It is wide enough for short, medium and long hair, yet narrow enough for bangs. The 1 ¾” is recommended for medium to long or hard to straighten hair.

The ion ceramic plates are self-adjusting which provides perfect contact between your hair and the plates. This will eliminate any “hot spots” that would damage your hair. This will result in delivering even heat to your hair.

  • Tyme 1″ ;
  • Tyme  1 1/4″ – Available in black, hot pink, purple and red;
  • Tyme 1 3/4″.

Tyme Tourmaline Flat Iron Pros & Cons


  1. It has been mentioned by numerous users that the Tyme doesn’t snag your hair when you pull it through and it only takes one pass to get your hair completely straight. This is because of its dynamic alignment system.
  2. It not only straightens hair, it also removes the frizz and kinks. You can curl the bottom with one motion and even use it on not damp hair and it will not burn. It also allows you to style your hair in numerous ways.
  3. The Tyme tourmaline ceramic flat iron features various temperatures in order to set the heat to the correct temperature for your hair. This makes it a great straightener for any type of hair.
  4. The Tyme is lightweight and features contoured easy grip handles. Its ceramic heater with auto sense technology provides instant, even heat quickly.


  1. Some Tyme users reported that their Tyme flat iron broke or stopped working shortly after they bought it.
  2. A few customers were not happy with the results of using this product, but the majority said they loved it and gives amazing results.