Use a Ceramic Curling Iron to Save Your Hair

However, you should pick your curling iron or curling irons carefully – because some kinds of these implements can damage your hair, especially if it is soft or if the individual hairs are thin, both of which conditions will make your hair sensitive to heat. Any kind of irregularity in the heating – different levels of heat in various parts of the barrel’s surface (the barrel being the part of the curling iron you wrap your hair around), too much heat flow for even a few seconds, and so on – can cause damage to your hair. Since your hair is a valued part of your appearance, you don’t want to risk making it look scorched or otherwise damaged – […]

Layered Hair Cuts: Why You Need One

For the longest time, anyone with long hair wore it one length like an ode to the seventies. Well, that fad has gone the way of the tie-dyed shirt and now layers are making a comeback big time. Today’s hairstyles are all about movement and styling options. Long, one length hair is just so-boring! Layered haircuts allow you to create volume, play with different directions and combine lengths to create hairstyles that are interesting to the eye. Even Short Hair Needs Layers Layers are popping up in practically every hairstyle today. Even the once rigid bob hairstyle with its blunt lines is getting a makeover into a softer style thanks to layering at the ends. This creates a tapered look […]

Hair Color Tips for Blondes

Do blondes have more fun? Not if their hair color goes funky on them! Keeping your blonde hair color looking fresh and fab can be tricky. Today I’ve scoured the blogosphere and found some great hair blogs with solid advice for blondes. So in the spirit of some “link love”, here are some tips to ensure your blonde doesn’t turn into a bomb. Beware the Brass One of the biggest problems with blonde is its tendency to go brassy. To avoid this hair color disaster there are specialty shampoos with a violet color added which neutralizes those nasty “goldy” hues. But while surfing the beauty web I came across this awesome tip for making your own violet shampoo and saving […]