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Amazing Frog? Review


Amy Morton / 05 Oct 2020

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Amazing Frog? is a sandbox game about parkour. Playing it, you should get the highest score possible. You can enjoy the co-op with a friend splitting screen. The title is free, but there are in-app purchases with various cosmetics and items packages, which will help extend the time you need to perform your mission.

The main concept 5/5

The action takes place in the virtual English town Swindon. The key character is a frog, which will run around and perform various tasks to increase the score. It will crash into different objects interacting with various items. You are not expected to achieve any particular goals, just get a high score. There are no challenges, either, meaning that you have no much purpose to continue. But still, this is a good time killer. It can make you laugh. Probably, it will take you some time to get used to the gameplay and the controls.

Simple graphics 4/5

We could not say that the graphics are perfect here. The game could run smoother. It is clear that it lacks funding, but if you focus on the process, you’ll like it. The sounding is well done. You will hear the slapping of the frogs when it walks along a concrete road.

Plenty of levels

It is only a physics sandbox title without additional elements or challenges. If you feel ok with it, you will be excited. In general, it can be compared with Goat Stimulator if you have ever tried this title. The Amazing Frog! has been updated several times since its release. The in-app purchases have been added, and that extends this simple title offering a nice opportunity to have some rest with your friends and discover new methods to increase the score. The frog can wear various costumes, but they are coming with the paid packages with cosmetics. The additional content can be also bought.

No objectives but a lot of fun

In general, Amazing Frog is a nice game, rich in charming moments and comedic content. You can play it with your friend and get an unforgettable experience. You will not find deep and complicated gameplay here. The task is simple but endless, and when you are involved in the game with your friend, it will be real fun competing and trying to get the high score by various ways. The game runs stable, but the lags can be.

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