The Best 10 Alternatives of Rust Video Game

Why should you like Rust? This is a strong example of the survival genre with true to type lack of resources and severe environments full of terrifying beings trying to kill a protagonist. Since 2013, when Rust was released, there have been a lot of worthy alternatives giving you a feel of adventure against all odds. Let’s consider some of them.

The Most Remarkable Rust Alternatives

  1. The Forest. You will navigate a man and his son finding themselves in a thick somber forest after a plane crash. They have survived, but now they will have a tough time exploring that open world full of horror.
  2. Utopia: Origin. It is much lighter than Rust but has the same principles. You are supposed to gather a lot of resources and create your own world here.
    7- Days-to-Die-Zombies
  3. 7 Days to Die. This is a survival title with elements of horror and tower defense where you will try to stay alive fighting against zombies. It was a real hit in 2013, and it is still enjoyable. Here you can benefit from a sandbox mode with a lot of building tasks.
  4. The Long Dark. Playing this game as a pilot survived after a global disaster, you will not find any zombies, but you will survive further under severe conditions in the cold Canadian region. The game is complicated but rewarding.
  5. Subnautica. It is grotesque, being quite different compared to other survival titles. As a scuba diver, you will find yourself underwater, exploring the ocean of the alien planet. You will dive to a depth, drive a submarine, meet creatures, and get engaged in adventures.
  6. No Man's Sky. This is about space. You will be suggested to explore the randomly generated galaxy and interact with the universe. There are plenty of missions, combats, and even trading. Enjoy a co-op multiplayer.
  7. Raft. This title has shades of Rust video game, but here you will be focused on building a raft. It can boast of a nice story full of ridiculous situations in the sea. You will meet various creatures, complete funny and rather complicated missions, collect loot, and avoid sharks trying to eat you.
  8. Minecraft. Everybody knows this title. It is a well-deserved best-seller with a numerous fan society all over the world. There are several modes, including a survival one. You will perform the tasks regardless of tons of obstacles like threatening spiders, creepers, and other enemies. Your key objective here is to erect buildings.
  9. ARK: Survival Evolved. The tropical island is inhabited with rare beasts and dangerous animals like dinosaurs. The protagonist will gather resources, build the houses, and defend his location. Navigating him, you will learn to coexist with the creatures of this wild world.
  10. Green Hell. And again, we have the game with a particular biome and impressive graphics. This time, you will explore the Amazon rainforest doing your best to survive.

Give the Benefit on Your Experience

If you have not tried the games like Rust down to the present, we highly recommend you to play the above mentioned ones. Leave your comments telling us about your impression. Do not forget about your friends and share this article with them. They should never deny themselves the pleasure they deserve.

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