Top-5 Potent Ghost of Tsushima Armor Sets

Ghost of Tsushima comes with eleven armor sets that you can pick up while completing key missions. Apply them at the right moment to enhance the equipment of Jin Sakai according to each situation he is involved in. In this article, we’ll share our opinion on the most valuable enlisted armor.

The Best of the Best Ghost of Tsushima Armor

There are five Ghost of Tsushima armor sets which we’d like to set apart from the others:

  1. Tadayori’s armor. It will be available when you succeed in the Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale. Just go to the Azamo region of Izuhara and find it there. Be ready for the quest provided by the local musician you will meet in Rustling Bend. This armor increases reload speed, nocking, concentration-time, and suits the long-ranged combats.
  2. Sakai clan armor is intended for Jin and was used by his father before. Being a very balanced gear in accordance with Ghost of Tsushima gameplay, it increases melee damage and health. Also, using it, you will be able to kill more opponents in a Standoff. It allows fighting against a lot of enemies at a time. You can get it if you complete the key mission Ghosts from the past in Act 2.
  3. Ghost armor can be unlocked at the end of Act 2 when you start the From the Darkness mission as a gift granted by Taka. It reduces the time needed to detect the enemies. In addition, you will be allowed to kill fewer opponents in order to enter the Ghost stance providing free kills against terrified enemies. It is definitely irreplaceable if you prefer reaching the targets from the shadows.
  4. Gosaku’s Armor is available after the completion of 'The Unbreakable Gosaku' Mythic Tale at the start of Act 2 in Akashima Village. It delivers more health and allows causing severe stagger damage. And you will be able to restore your health if you kill a staggered enemy. The armor was used by the Gosaku defender before.
  5. Kensei Armor was used by a Straw Hat noted for his cunning game and tricks. It will be helpful in particular for scrappy gamers preferring Ghost weapons. You can get it after you succeed in the Six Blades of Kojiro Mythic Tale in Act 2. You will be suggested to complete the A Message in Fire quest. While doing that, you will find the armor in Umugi Cove.

Benefit from the Special Armor

While playing the Ghost of Tsushima PS4, you will be challenging a great number of tasks and tests. That is why it is important to choose the right armor set to ensure your character is strong enough to win the enemies. Consider the above powerful ones and share the information with your friends to help them to decide.

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