The News on Fortnite Nintendo Switch Bundle

Last summer, Apple store had a kind of a problem connected with the way the marketplace operated. Some apps were removed from the store, including the Fortnite. This was in all headlines. The reason for such rejection was that the owner decided to change the rules causing a hard lawsuit.

Regardless of this event, Nintendo has announced its special Fortnite Bundle edited for the Nintendo Switch console. From October 30, 2020, it was available in wide distribution. The fans were ready for a well-designed console with the battle royale phenomenon Fortnite being an efficient selling point. We believe that the mentioned rules will not prevent this event.

The bundle includes a console itself and a base with the stunning pictures of the game on their back, showing the various Fortnite skins; a yellow left Joy-Con and right Joy-Con made in blue. In addition, the Fortnite software is pre-installed here, and there is also the download code for Wildcat Package.

This Limited Edition is a piece of good news for every fan of the title. Now, you can have a clear idea of the console coming within this bundle if you have a look at the available pictures. Leave your comments below whether this is exactly what you expect to see.

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