Marvel Avengers Video Game 2020: Peculiarities of Microtransactions

The epic third-person title Marvel’s Avengers is available in various editions, providing a range of microtransactions. We cannot say that there are a lot of them in the new Marvel Avengers game, but you can count on a choice. As usual, a Challenge Card delivers tiers with free and premium awards. In this article, we are going to tell you whether it is worth paying money for them.

What Are Microtransactions in Marvel Avengers Game?

These microtransactions provide you with a range of emotes, outfits, takedowns, and nameplates. You can choose them according to their purpose and quality. At the shop, they are arranged within color marks. The white codes are common; green ones are uncommon; orange ones are rare; yellow ones are legendary. 


There are two ways to get them — to spend credits or units. The former should be bought for your real-world money, and the latter should be earned. The price depends on the value. The most precious yellow outfits will come at the cost of 1 400 credits. The legendary emotes are cheaper, requiring you to spend 1 000 credits. You should transfer these amounts to the cash, considering a penny to credit rate. Just correlate the price of the package you are going to buy with the number of credits it offers. 

For instance, the Super Credits Package is available for $20 and brings 2 000 credits. In addition, you will get a “bonus” in the form of 200 credits. When you buy the Mighty Credits Package with 5 000 credits, spending $50, you get 1 000 bonus credits if you complete all challenges on an activated card. But if you prefer to buy a basic offering with 500 credits paying just $5, you will not get a bonus at all. 

The calculations are not immediate and take some time. If you do not want to put the effort in a detailed analysis, just take at face value that you will pay about $10 for a legendary emote and $15 for an outfit of the same category. It is quite a lot, isn’t it? Well, that’s up to you.

Can You Do Without Them?

You definitely can play Avengers games Marvel, without paying for microtransactions. The rewards providing you with additional cosmetic items do not impact on the gameplay. Most of them can be unlocked while you are completing the missions… if you are lucky and skilled enough. Just apply the old-fashioned way and earn what you can, getting experience points, defeating the opponents, and customizing a skill tree. 

You will get the in-game currency, which can be spent as you like. Be sure that you do not miss much if you fail. Of course, you can play the game paying the standard $60 price. Still, if you prefer to diversify it and make it deeper, the cost will go up.

Save Your Money or Pay for Enhancement

As you understand there is no particular need for cosmetics, but it can make your heroes look more attractive in new costumes, for instance. In the Marvel avengers video game 2020, there are quite stunning ones! Share this article to inform your friends about fresh additions to the favorite title.

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