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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review


Julie Ellis / 05 Oct 2020

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Fall Guys is a multiplayer party title inviting 60 players or less to play online. Here you will be involved in a complete chaos fighting until the one remains. The game is rather simple to understand and quite amazing to play.

More than meets the eye 5/5

This party game is a perfectly made Battle Royale providing a range of challenges, chances, and missions. Even if you can feel it rather simple at the beginning, you will have to take things seriously when you approach the finish, that is why you should continue if you want to enjoy the process to the utmost and win.
Each round is played with up to 60 players who will rush along the course full of obstacles. The characters can dive, jump, whoop, and make other moves. The rounds are chosen randomly. There are about a couple of dozen various levels. The number of players reduces until the game is over.

Simple graphics 5/5

This is not a game with complicated graphics. The level design is simple, and character animations are quite generic. You can play this game on a desktop with low-end performances. The title can achieve 60 fps requiring minimum system requirements. You will play easily due to simple controls navigating a character so that it could avoid enemies and continue following his way.

Plenty of levels

You can count on diverse levels of various types, but the key activity is race. You can be involved in foot races too. Be ready to knock opponents back or sideways. There will be different obstacles on your way. Sometimes, the walls disappear right in front of you, but more often, you should break them through. You will meet huge pieces of fruit, preventing you from performing your task. Some levels bring a tense competition. Choose the Block Party to check it out. Here all participants will stand on a platform together and try to go through tiny gaps and stay on the road without being knocked off. When you complete the event, you get the in-game currency, which can be spent on cosmetic items to customize your character. Of course, you can pay your real money to get them.

Summering up

This cute Battle Royal game is a real show where players will compete with each other without severe fighting but with a tense confrontation. It is really good when it is taken in small doses. You can use it as a time killer. It does not provide a deep immersion for a long time, but you will get unique content and much fun here.

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