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FIFA Soccer Review


Julie Ellis / 20 Jun 2021

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FIFA Soccer is a sports video game developed by EA Sports and published by Electronic Arts. The game is released in September 2006 and is the first game in the FIFA series to be developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. FIFA Soccer is a soccer simulation game released by EA Sport. This is the first time the game has been released for a mobile device.


Gameplay in FIFA Soccer has been updated for the new generation consoles. For example, the AI (artificial intelligence) has been improved to offer a realistic game. The players on the field are now controlled by the AI, which has been adapted to the specific skills of the player. There is a new feature called "off the ball", which offers an improved game-play. The gameplay in FIFA Soccer consists of a soccer simulation game in which you can choose to play against the computer, or against a friend. You can also choose to play against the computer in a season mode or the cup mode. There is an option of playing with the world's best players, including Ronaldo, Messi, and Ibrahimovic, Gerrard.


The graphics in FIFA Soccer are of high-quality and are better than previous versions of FIFA Soccer. The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 both have certain exclusive features in terms of graphic output. The graphics in FIFA Soccer are not as good as the graphics found in the PC version of FIFA Soccer, but they are at a point where they exceed the graphics of other soccer simulation games.


The replayability of FIFA Soccer is great, as the game offers a lot of variety in terms of game-play and game modes. The game offers a lot of customization for the players, as it offers over 500 authentic teams to choose from. There are also many different game modes, which offer a different game play. In FIFA Soccer, there is a lot of replayability due to the fact that there are multiple game modes and different types of players to choose from.


  • Graphics are of high quality;
  • Off the ball feature is a game-changer;
  • Replayability is great;
  • Variety of game-play;
  • Variety of game modes;
  • Allows customization of players;
  • Allows customization of teams;


  • Some players may find the game too simple;
  • Graphics may not be as good as PES 2021;
  • Games may become repetitive;


FIFA Soccer is a fun game to play and is recommended for anyone who likes soccer simulations. This article was written by a high school student who writes about football for fun.

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