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Grand Theft Auto V Review


Amy Morton / 06 Oct 2020

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This game is a hit of all times and peoples. It has always impressed us with its scale and lively game world. So it happened with Grand Theft Auto V. As the game developers say, GTA 5 is their most ambitious project, which has the most realistic, lively, self-sufficient, and huge virtual world. 

Game World: 5/5

The place of events in GTA 5 is the beach town Los-Santos. It is a favorite vacation spot. The stars of world cinema, politics, music, and other industries come here. Rockstar has worked hard on this city and its surroundings. The size of the map is amazing. The developers promised us a completely open map from the very beginning of the game! How not to stroll through this wonderful place. Take a ride in your luxury car. Or tease the state police. You can walk around the ghetto and remember how it was in 2004. Finding yourself in trouble there will be easier than ever. 

Three Heroes: 5/5

The GTA 5 game has three main new characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Each has special character traits, priorities, life values, hobbies, interests, skills. This allows you to diversify the gameplay. After all, while you play for one character, the other two live their lives, get into trouble, go to clubs, have fun. Life in Los Santos is alive.

Throughout the whole plot of GTA 5, our heroes will get acquainted with various characters. Each hero has his own set of skills that he can use. Michael can slow down time in shootouts. Franklin can drive a car like no other. And Trevor becomes enraged and can double damage to the enemy in hand-to-hand combat. 

Freedom Of Action: 5/5

Freedom of action is an integral part of GTA 5. After another robbery, you can go and celebrate this event in a bar or go to the beach and take a dip in a warm pool. Also, there are various activities here, such as: tennis, cycling, yoga, triathlon, training in the gym, or racing on ATVs and other equipment. Or you can jump from an airplane, open a parachute and soar over the city, watching how it lives. There are also video games that you can play at home, many of which resemble modern GTA online games, made in the likeness of the first parts of the series.

Summary: 5/5

GTA 5 is the best project in 2013. The developers have tried very hard and exceeded our expectations. Each character has his hobbies. Here you can dive to the bottom with a submarine, search for treasures or meet a dangerous shark. The variety of weapons can not but rejoice: edged weapons, pistols, submachine guns, automatic shotguns, heavy weapons, throwing, sniper rifles! If you get tired of your active life, you can watch TV or play a game console. GTA 5 is limitless. The developers promised gamers a full 100 hours of gameplay.


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