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Hello Neighbor Review


Amy Morton / 07 Oct 2020

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Hello Neighbor is an extremely strange phenomenon. In the alpha and beta stages, positioning itself as an extremely ambitious cartoon horror, really did everything to make the player scared. But the game itself ended up on the release was this very neighbor to some of the official art - buried himself with his shovel.

Storyline: 3/5

Strange looking neighbor is doing some strange bad things in his house.

Otherwise, the screams wouldn't be heard from behind the door of his house. The main character - let it be a little boy at the beginning of the game now - keeps up with the active events in time and has the luck to notice through a window conveniently located right in front of him the door closed on the key lock in this plot. This is where it all began.

Coincidences are enough - during a walk around the city, the player notices announcements of a missing couple of children, the houses around are suspiciously quiet and empty, and among the active area for some time will be only the player's house and the house of an unfortunate neighbor.

Game Plan: 4/5

It will not be possible to turn off the track - the main character strongly wants to know what is going on in this house. And around this point, one of the weaknesses of Hello Neighbor is revealed. Although, no, it is not even a weakness. This is a white spot of the gameplay, around which the gamer will be forced to drive for hours, trying to find a way to move on the plot and at least somehow to stop the endless chain "caught in the eyes of a neighbor - revived - scoured a piece of the room - caught in the eyes of a neighbor - revived"... And this white spot is the local game logic.

Quizzes Everywhere: 4/5

Only the door in front of the window is successfully located here at the beginning - later, you can forget about convenience. The fact that Hello Neighbor sets the player creative tasks - but in no way says how exactly they should be done.

In words, everything seems to be clear (although there are still questions about why you should do it all for the sake of one door), but in the game itself, it's far from obvious and simple. And all would be good, and these tasks would be a good way to stretch the curves, if the game did not position itself, as horror.

That's what knocks down all the excitement of Hello Neighbor - a game that promises us a smart, self-learning artificial intelligence that reacts to the player's actions, in short, almost like in Alien Isolation.

Conclusion: 4/5

Hello Neighbor revolves around its plot and solving puzzles. That's why it's worth mentioning - if you like unpredictable stories with lots of theories and speculations, it's better to try Hello Neighbor, it has its share of movement and dynamics. Behind a strange game logic, just like a painted screen, hides the rest of the roughness. For example, the fact that once caught by a neighbor, you do not lose a single piece of your passage.

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