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Minecraft Review


Amy Morton / 06 Oct 2020

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The super popular on PC, Android and iOS game "build whatever you want from bricks" called Minecraft has gained 28 million fans in three years. But the success of the project is still growing by leaps and bounds - the game recently appeared on the Xbox 360 console and immediately set a record for the first day of sales. 

Gameplay Style: 5/5

The essence of Minecraft can be summed up in two phrases from the welcome word with which all recruits are greeted here: "Minecraft is dedicated to arranging blocks in such a way as to build any things imaginable. Monsters come at night, so take the trouble to create shelter before they get out of their burrows." By launching Minecraft, the player is faced with two pressing problems: survival and creation.

There is no plot. The world is generated randomly each time depending on the preferences set before the start of the game. The number of ways to spend time usefully includes raising fly agarics, building houses from the real world, and improving everyday life. If only imagination prompts the tasks, and only the game will give out all the necessary tools.

Training Mode 5/5

The console version's main innovation is revealed almost immediately: a training mode with a "demo world" has finally appeared, for which an exhibition of Minecraft technologies was prepared, and all the necessary items were arranged in advance in the chests. In addition to simple and straightforward tutorials that consistently reveal survival aspects, the console version has combined two modes from the PC game into one common one. On the PC, you can play either in "Creative mode", which does not allow you to die of hunger or monsters, allowing you to devote yourself carefree to construction for your pleasure or in the "Survival" mode. The main difference between the second is that at nights, which occur in real-time, zombies, skeletons, and other evil spirits appear, hungry for our blood.

Creativity: 5/5

Minecraft allows you to improve existing materials and give them new properties. For example, by mixing sand and wood, you can melt glass and replace any of the walls with it. Or mining the coal is needed to create torches and lighters. Secondly, the player can collect a bed from a pair of different colored cubes to sleep until the morning comes. It also serves as a save point for progress in the game world. Unlike the PC version of the game, it is allowed to save on the console "in reserve" - ​​to create a save point that will allow you to return to a convenient moment in the past if something happens.

Summary: 5/5

Minecraft's world has its laws of physics, but for a bright square, the "sun" shines quite realistically. Before creating a new game, Minecraft offers a choice of difficulty - if you set the "peace-loving" mode in the setting, then the monsters will not annoy the new sculptor at all. The remaining difficulty options determine the danger of monsters, their number, and level of aggression. After loading the world, we find ourselves somewhere on the top of a tree, or in a mountain low, or on an island, i.e., our appearance in this world is as chaotic as it is. The absence of weapons, armor, and food always remains unchanged - all this will have to be created by yourself, from cubes and blocks.

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