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PDF Viewer & Book Reader Review


Amy Morton / 06 Oct 2020

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PDF viewer and book reader is an all-in-one mobile application allowing you to read and edit PDF files on the go. You can also share them with your contacts and benefit from a rich functionality. The app can boast of small size, and that allows quick download and updates.

Impressive feature set

This application comes with a range of useful options. You are allowed to annotate a document in a PDF format and sign it. It is easy to fill in the PDF forms. You can type directly on a PDF text, highlighting the needed elements or underlining a chunk of the text. Here you can count on auto-synchronization. Every file is synchronized with OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Also, you can open various files like the MS Office Word documents or PowerPoint presentations and save them as PDF. It is possible to merge PDFs and split them, view an annotation summary. In addition, the app allows annotating the test simultaneously with the other users in real time. Benefit from a built-in powerful file organizer.

Looking like it should look like

The app has a quite true-to-type interface compared with analogs. It can boast of an intuitive design providing a simple usage on the go. Enjoy the Night mode and Day mode to read PDF documents and eBooks as it is convenient for you. In order to enhance the viewing experience, you are suggested to adjust the exposure, gamma, contrast, and more options.

Start using as soon as it is downloaded

Enjoy its fast response while you are navigating which is possible due to the fastest PDF viewing engine. The app is easy to download. There is no need in a detailed guide as far as the menu contains all you should know. It is optimized for mobile phones and tablets being a pleasure to use. When you launch a document, you can benefit from a table of contents allowing you to choose a chapter you are looking for. Or you can scroll while finding the page you are interested in. There is a search system providing a detailed list of search results. You can rotate a page, apply zoom, and much more.

Plain and efficient 5/5

This is a perfect office tool that can be used for a private purpose providing the best user experience. Also, you can apply it while you are traveling or you are in class. It runs smoothly being compatible with various mobile devices.

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