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Secret Neighbor Review


Amy Morton / 05 Oct 2020

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Secret Neighbor is a game in the now popular Survival horror genre with the ability to be played only online. One of the most popular games in this genre is Friday the 13th: the Game. This game, however, is much more complicated than just an ordinary horror.

Starting The Game: 3/5

It all works as follows - six players enter the lobby, randomly or by agreement in advance, and find themselves in the same Neighbor's house from Hello Neighbor with some changes in the layout. One of the players randomly becomes a Neighbor, and five others remain curious children who climbed into the house of their strange neighbor. The task of the Secret Neighbor is to catch the little kids, and they are to find the keys hidden throughout the house and open the door to the basement.

Gameplay: 3/5

The neighbor knows how to set traps, turn into a cardboard box (for disguise), and even into a child. At the same time, children can hardly do anything. Everyone plays as the only normal character in the Secret Neighbor game at the moment - Brave. This character knows how to escape from the Neighbor's clutches if he caught him, while also knocking him out for a couple of seconds. The abilities of the other five characters are completely useless at this stage of the game. The gameplay is reduced at the moment to running around the house from the Neighbor or for the Neighbor.

Neighbor: 4/5

A neighbor sees you through walls, finds you under the bed, and opens the cabinets in which you hide - but it's more of a fun game of hide-and-seek without rules and consequences than a horrifying chase with an alien who analyzes your behavior. As a result, as already mentioned, the game becomes much more of a puzzle than a horror. The horror, which is present at first, is blurred by game conventions, and the gamer's focus very quickly switches to the progress in the plot, rather than to escape from a neighbor.

Conclusion: 3/5

It is, of course, very early to sum up and evaluate Secret Neighbor. However, the game has the potential to be more fun than its predecessor, Hello Neighbor. And this is taking into account the fact that the gameplay will be at the same incomprehensible level that it was in Hello Neighbor. Still, thanks to online multiplayer and the ability to play with friends, bugs can turn into features. We can only hope that Hologryph and Dynamic Pixels will be able to defeat at least those bugs that interfere with normal play.

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