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SwiftKey Keyboard Review


Amy Morton / 07 Oct 2020

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Microsoft SwiftKey is an intelligent keyboard developed for mobile devices. It learns the writing style of a user to facilitate typing by means of this keyboard which will become personalized very soon.

Rich functionality

The app cooperates with a user helping him to make his messages full of emotions offering the emoji you’d choose. It provides access to SwiftKey Cloud where it stores the ‘Learned Language’. You can benefit from it using any device. The app synchronizes the data you type and learns from your habits and language you use within other online services, including social media. In order to benefit from this option, you should link Facebook, Twitter, and others. The app will create your language profile quickly. Microsoft SwiftKey suits almost any needs in typing, providing a wide range of themes to design the text. You can customize a keyboard as you prefer. Also, there is an efficient autocorrect and quite accurate predictions that allow typing quickly and faultlessly.

Standard look

The app has a common design typical of its type. The interface is clear. There are Dark and Light Themes with a slight difference in a key layout on a standard keyboard. Some of the symbols can be accessed with pressing and holding.

Pronounced benefits

This app is easy to use. It comes with a powerful predicting system, constantly learning from the user’s behavior, and trying to suit his preferences while typing. It remembers the frequently used speech patterns and slang. The developer guarantees the safety of the data stored in SwiftKey Cloud which is coming through the servers over encrypted channels. There are several ways to type. You can swipe or tap and apply a GIF keyboard. When you are swiping, the flow runs perfectly. It allows typing one-handed. If you get used to tap on the letters, you are welcome to do it and appreciate a perfect predictive system.

Conclusion 5/5

SwiftKey is a very popular keyboard and can be used on all mobile devices in addition to the preinstalled one. You should know that the app gathers information about you in your social network to build your language profile, but they promise not to use it for their purpose. Enjoy this virtual keyboard with a precise prediction.


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