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ZOOM Cloud Meetings Review


Amy Morton / 06 Oct 2020

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The Zoom Cloud Meetings mobile application, as an implementation for Android and iOS of the cloud service of the same name, has become popular primarily due to the high quality of video and sound broadcasting. Delivery quality, in turn, is built on the basis of Amazon CloudFront, a distributed infrastructure for the distribution of media content through a worldwide network of data centers. However, both the mobile application and the desktop version of the software cope with data transfer equally well. Users will most likely be interested in what they have to sacrifice when choosing a smartphone instead of a laptop as a platform for video communication?

Hidden Tags

The Zoom mobile app embeds hidden tags in the media content generated during the online conference. The technology is not new in every sense. First, the company announced the appearance of metadata in video and sound files at a corporate event Zoomtopia back in October 2018. Second, audio and video footprints in the media stream are not a Zoom discovery at all. Identification with its help is just a form of deterring the unauthorized distribution of information. Taking into account the special position of mobile gadgets, their users should be very careful about privacy issues in everything related to conferences and webinars held at Zoom. 


The undoubted advantage of the Zoom mobile application is the exclusive control of the smartphone screen in the process of video chat. It's no secret that video bridges on this platform can be built in a browser window, without additional software.

On the other hand, video communication with a large number of subscribers, even in a mobile application, is problematic if you want to get acquainted with some (not even all) of them. Flipping through their thumbnail images until you find the right person is inconvenient.


Problems with a sound start to bother even trained users. If there is no sound in Zoom on the smartphone from the moment of connection, the issue is solved in a known way: you just need to click on the white field "Call using device sound", which is located next to the microphone icon.
To a lesser extent, the power-saving mode interferes, which puts the smartphone into silent suspended animation. For the sake of truth, similar problems are possible on laptops, when the user does not touch the mouse and keyboard for a long time.

Summary: 4/5

The breakthrough idea of ​​this service is the use of mobile devices for video conferencing: smartphones, tablets, iPhone, and iPad. Moreover, from these devices, you can fully control the video conference in the same way as from a personal computer. The service can be a good platform for conducting remote tutoring sessions or creating short instructional videos, even for more complex distance learning designs.


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